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Land Activities

When it comes to living off the land, you need to know the basics. Within this page, you will find many things that will help you to live off the land — everything from beekeeping to archery to your necessary survival skills.

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Water Activities

In addition to the many land-based activities you will find on these pages, you will find several water-based activities. I will mostly stick to fishing activities. However, there are some others that I will cover in due time.

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Other Activities

In addition to land and water activities, there have been studies that show the benefits of nature and companies. Many companies use the outdoors as a way to have team-building exercises to unite them as one cohesive unit.

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At the end of the day, I am a blogger.

In my free time, I like to go out into nature. Most of the time, I take my family along. When I return home, though, I want to share my stories with others. It serves not only as a way for me to look back on my adventures at a later time, but possibly share some experiences with others. Sometimes things go a little sideways, and I make sure to share those mistakes. I feel this will better prepare someone not to make the same mistakes I have made. Feel free to share your experiences with me, as well. The outdoor community is a small one, but we like to share our knowledge with others to get more people involved.

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Matt’s Mission

As I said above, I only offer my stories and experiences. Along the way, I will teach you things that will make you a better outdoors person. Over the years, I have gained a certain level of knowledge about many survival techniques, and frankly, my friends are tired of hearing the stories. Therefore, I have ventured to the internet in hopes that someone will be inspired to take of the reigns and start living a life that can be very satisfying. Below you will find my area expertise. Take a moment to review them and decide how they can fit into your life.


My goal is to walk you from the very basics: reel, lines, and hooks, And bring you up to a level of expertise where you are comfortable providing naturally sourced food in different situations. Fishing is as much an art as it is a science. There is never a guarantee that fish will bite. However, I will provide you with the tools to have the best chance possible.


Beekeeping can be a gratifying hobby. While it can, and will, take years to master, I am going to start you out with the basics. After the basics, we will learn more advanced techniques to maintain a healthy and safe hive yard. The bonus to this is that you will have all the honey that you and your family can consume.

Living Off-Grid

Though living off-grid may sound daunting, it does have its rewards. Learning how to get your basic needs shelter, water, and food using what nature has provided you. That doesn’t necessarily mean living like a cave dweller, but merely disconnecting from a world that is highly dependant upon technology.

Disconnecting to Reconnect

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, we quickly get disconnected from reality. The number of hours that we work in a week can soon lead to a life of depression. By merely disconnecting from this world, we can have a much happier and healthier life. With the information that I am going to provide you with, you will find a sense of clarity that you never knew was possible. Technology has made us lazy. It is time for us to get back to our roots and live life the way it was intended.

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