Tips for Fishing from A Boat

Tips for Fishing from A Boat

Matthew Davies image of four fishing polls out in the water from a boat

With only a few more weeks of the summer fishing season, it is time you get out there and do some fishing before winter sets in. That is not to say that fishing is only good during the summer months; it is just a fact that boat fishing is much better than any other fishing style. Think of all the spots you can see when you are in a boat instead of fishing from the banks, fishing from a pier, or ice fishing. I, Matthew Davies, think the best summer activity is out on a lake fishing with my family on a boat. That being said, I am going to share some tips for fishing from a boat that will keep you safe this summer and for years to come.

Get Your License

Before you take one step onto your boat, make sure that you have all your licensing taken care of. I am sure that you remembered to get your fishing license, but that is not the only one you will need. There is a better than average chance you will need a boating license as well. As more and more people are getting injured and dying on the local lakes, they have had to make sure that people know how to use their boats. The boating license is not as intense as a driver’s license, but it will prove to lake and shore patrol that you know what you are doing. It would be a terrible end to an otherwise enjoyable experience if you were to get a ticket for something that only takes five minutes to sort out.

Change Your Clothes

While it may be tempting to dress in shorts and a t-shirt, you need to remember that you will be sitting out in the hot sun all day. Alternatively, you may be sitting out in the rain. In either case, you are going to want to dress for the weather.

If you are sitting out in the sun, you will either want to make sure the most sensitive areas of your skin are covered or that you apply sunscreen. Likewise, if you are sitting out in the rain, you will want to pack some rain gear so as you don’t get soaking wet while you sit in the boat waiting for the fish to bite.

Keep Organized

Your standard boat does not offer a lot of room. There should be a place for everything you take. When you take too much with you, then it becomes a hazard. I knew a guy who tripped over some stray tackle, and it caused him to fall in the water. To make matters worse, he was alone on the boat. He had to drag the boat to shore so that he could get back in.


A lot of people say that you should not take food with you on the boat. The main reason is that when you take your food out of the container, they say the fish smell this. Some smells make fish leave the area. However, you probably are not going to be on the boat for just an hour or two. Most fishermen take their boats out for the day. During that time, you are undoubtedly going to get hungry. Not to mention if you happen to get lost. While this is not the case most of the time, it can happen. You do not want to have to battle with being hungry when you are scared.

When I go fishing, I take my boat safe grill and other fixings for a nice picnic lunch. Sometimes I cook on the boat and other times I will find a nice quiet shore to make land on. Either way, I make sure to eat while I am out on the boat, and you should make sure you do too.

Stock up on Ice

Naturally, if you take my advice on the snacks, you will have some ice for personal consumption. In this case, I am talking about ice for the fish that you catch. If you are not a catch and release fisherman, you will need a place to store your fish. Some people like to keep the fish in the water while they finish their day. Others will take the fish out and put them in a cooler. Sitting out in the hot sun, a cooler will have the opposite effect than you want. In these cases, you will want to have a cooler full of ice. Besides, you may be fishing a considerable distance from your home. It is not good to leave fish out that long. Ice will be your best friend in these situations.

Practice with Your Trailer

While this has little to do with your time on the boat, it is an important step. If you are unable to get your boat to the water, there isn’t much sense reviewing the above tips. I would suggest you find a nice abandoned lot and get some experience with the trailer.

Some of the things you can do are back up, park, and turning. You will have to do all these things when you take your boat to the boat launch. If you are daring, you might want to try parallel parking. I don’t think it will come up that often, but you never know. The more well versed you are in maneuvering your trailer, the better prepared you will be when the day comes to take the boat out.


Fishing from a boat can be one of the best ways to experience fishing. I, Matthew Davies, take these tips to heart. It will make for a better day when you go fishing, but it will give you life skills that you can take with you for the rest of your life. Anytime you try something new, make sure to do your research to achieve your goal best. I wish you the best of luck on your upcoming fishing trip and hope you catch your personal best!

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